Feeding the Ecosystem within.

Who knew that nutrition was so complicated? How were we to know that what we eat doesn't just affect us, but also the ecosystem within, the trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that inhabit every mucus membrane within the human body. And why is that important? Why do we HAVE to care about what we feed these minuscule organisms?

Essentially we have to care because we live in a 'symbiotic' relationship with these little guys. This means we give them what they need, so they can give us what we need. That could be in the form of trading fibre from our diets to feed microbes that produce vitamins, that improve our digestion and that provide short chain fatty acids, substances that are secreted from some bacterial species that are anti-inflammatory. Without such substances the body can enter a state of low grade inflammation which has been shown to be a major factor in the causation of chronic disease.

If we don't feed the microbes that benefit our health, chances are dysbiosis will occur. The good microbes starve and the bad microbes outgrow the good, releasing toxins that cause inflammation and erosion of the gut lining, allowing undigested food particles and pathogens to escape into the blood stream, from where they accumulate in regions all over the body, creating food sensitivities, allergies and many chronic conditions.

If you think you might have sensitivities or illness related to poor gut health, I can help. I work with Microba, a specialised microbiome testing service that can facilitate your gut healing journey. I also provide comprehensive meal planning and recipes as well as prebiotic and probiotic supplementation advice that is backed by clinical studies. Call or email me for further info or call Go Vita in Mackay City Heart for a in-store consult.

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