We all have specific goals when it comes to what to eat. Whether that be for weight loss, weight gain, or general health, the list of diets are endless and nutrition has become a confusing business indeed! This has certainly been the driving force behind my love for all things nutrition and the sad truth is that it needn't be confusing or difficult, in fact its really easy to have a well balanced diet, within a set time frame for even the busiest person to optimise health

My name is Donna Leslie and I founded the Health Menu after working as a pharmacist for over ten years. Seeing so many patients suffering from diseases associated with diet inspired me to look to nutrition for answers. My aim is to offer individualised advice to all, whether trying to lose weight, trying to find the best solutions for feeding a family or just wanting to be healthier. Whatever the health question, there are always solutions in food!I am a registered pharmacist, a Certified GAPS Practitioner and nutritionist.



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